Saturday, April 23, 2016


All my life, I've had the dream of becoming an animator, since I'm a big fan of Walt Disney's work. I just think it's cool that he came up with the idea of animation and turn them into movies. The only thing that I never though about animation is how time consuming it is and you just feel like you just want to get your ideas publicized before anybody could steal your ideas. However, with PowToon, it got me interested of it and it was a little time consuming to come up with ideas, but for this, I decided for this animation video, I make a show of coming up with classroom rules, because every teacher has got to come up with rules for their classroom, so their students can be good citizens and good learners. I hope you enjoy and I also hope these are the way to start making rules.

Annotated Video

I've never made an annotated video in my life. I never actually thought that you could find a video you like to watch and use it for students to be tested on what they're analyzing from the video they're watching. For this one, I picked a video from my favorite show called Studio C. As soon as you start the video, and start watching it, you'll be able to encounter questions that are related to the video and you need to try to answer them. Hopefully, you'll understand that any video can be part of education when you learn it in school.

Creative Commons

I've never used the creative commons site in my life. At first, I thought it was just a site that required me to subscribe. I've just learned that Creative Commons is a website that helps people to identify how they want to protect and share their work. You answer some questions and it generates a little box for your blog. This box tells other people that they can't just steal the stuff I made, it does tell them though, if they can share it or use it to make their own creative thing. I've put a license on my Newsletter. You can see it on that blogpost.  

Google Hangouts On Air

I've never done Google Hangouts on Air in my life. I've heard of having a video call on computers like talking to someone on the phone. For this, I never thought that it was like interviewing someone especially for seeking advice from other teachers. For this, I interviewed my sister who's a teacher herself that explains her ideas and teaching her students on what they should study in order to take their science test. I'm quite speechless on a lot of things, whenever I have to answer questions that have some abstract vocabulary in a sentence. But, I think that's part of becoming a teacher is practicing on saying stuff to give feedback to the teachers. Hopefully that works for all of us.